Boracay, the beginning of our scuba diving safari, is the most popular travel destination in the Philippines. Boracay boasts dozens of dive shops, scores of resorts both large and small, and uncountable restaurants and eateries to satisfy every imaginable taste. All of this along a 3km (1.8 mile) stretch of white sand beach touted by many to be among the top 10 beaches of the world.

The Safari Begins


At Boracay we will complete our jet lag shift to local time and a number of dive goals in preparation for the safari.


Checkout Dives. We will examine our dive equipment and do a checkout dive to verify equipment function and get oriented to the style of entry, diving and exit that will be common throughout the safari.


Specialties Courses. All specialties certifications or advanced classes are best accomplished at Boracay. In particular, Wreck and Nitrox. It is important to get your Wreck Specialty here in preparation for diving the Japanese wrecks in Coron.


Equipment and Accessories. There are equipment stores on Boracay. Any forgotten, damaged or broken equipment should be addressed here.

Highlighted Dives


Yapak Wall - A gorgeous deep wall dive. The top of the wall at 25m (80ft) hosts many types of small reef fish, a wide variety of soft corals and the occasional reef shark, tuna and barracuda and always the large sweetlips at the end.


Camia Wreck - This cargo ship, sunk in 1999 as an artificial reef, is home to many fish including trumpet fish, frog fish, sea bass and many tiny fishes in the hard corals growing all about the ship. 25-28m (80-90ft) to the keel. Perfect for your wreck specialty.


Crocodile Island - So named due to the profile of this coral outcropping. Here is a beautiful shallow garden of soft corals, bountiful small fishes and occasionally cuttlefish.


Land Sharking in Boracay


At Boracay scuba diving is just the beginning. Take your surface interval with a 1 hour message on the beach for <US$10. There are many excellent buffets and set menu restaurants on the beach and off. Take a quite evening stroll in the beach or dance your legs off at one of the discos, or both. Hobnob with other divers and visitors at the many beach front bars. Shop for unique crafts and souvenirs at the hundreds of stores and vendors along “The Walk”, in “D’Mall” or many other places along the beach.

Philippine Dive Safari


Our Partners on Boracay


Dive Shop - We will dive with Victory Divers while at Boracay. They have been providing great diving experiences on Boracay since the early development of Boracay as a dive destination. With their complete instructional and equipment facilities we will prepare everyone as required for the balance of the Safari while diving the great locations of Boracay.


Resort  - We will stay at Victory Divers Resort. This resort is at the dive shop and on the Beach Walk.

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