I don’t dive in Monterey because there are problems in Mexico?

Where news is made

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Unfortunately, that is not the story that grabs headlines.


Virtually all of these news stories originate from a few small islands and one region in the far south of the Philippines.


These areas, and the activities there, are of a small minority group in that is absolutely not representative and is very different than the vast majority of Filipinos. It is a sad state of affairs that they behave as they do and that they receive such disproportionate attention and that some people believe that this small group casts a pale over the country as a whole.

A few simple thoughts:


The Philippines is larger than California.

There are places I should not go in California.

Yet, I still live in California, when I am not in the Philippines.

Yes, there is a place we should not go, so we do not go there, simple.

The unrecommended areas are very far from where we dive.

There are huge numbers of foreign visitors and ex-pat residence in the Philippines from everywhere in the world.


All of the dive shops and resorts we will be visiting are owned by Germans, Dutch, Australians and Americans that have all been in the Philippines the majority of their lives.


Yes, the Philippines are safe. If you want to hear bad news it would be easier to find it at home.

Safety Myths

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Filipinos are the most

genuinely friendly, and

helpful people in all the world.



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