Philippine Dive Safari

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Why go on the Philippine Dive Safari?


The only offering of  it’s kind:


There is no other way to experience as much of the Philippines underwater and land based reality than with Philippine Dive Safari. Our safari is carefully and effectively designed to maximize time at location, minimize transportation time and provide the most complete experience in the sea and on the land.


The Perfect Trip!      Nothing Compares.      Others do not try.


Multiple Locations - Avoids Filler Dives


Not 1, not 2, but 4 very different locations are included in this 2 week safari. For Very good reasons. All great locations have great dive sites. None have enough great dive sites to fill a week with great dives, let alone 2 weeks. With PDS we dive the Signature Sites at each location, then move on to the next Great dive spot. No “Filler Dives”.


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