The Food


The Great Fruit:

The fresh fruits in the Philippines are absolutely unrivalled for flavor and sweetness. In particular the Mangos are unequalled anywhere on earth. If you have ever enjoyed a mango from the grocery store, be prepared for your advanced degree in Mango. You’ll never buy one at the store again. The bananas are also just fantastic, particularly the smaller ones. Think of taking the flavor of an “American Size” banana and put it into a banana half the size, their great. There are many other types of interesting and unusual fruits to explore and enjoy.


My Story:

After more than 10 years and scores of trips and stationing in the Philippines I have only gotten ill from food 1 time, at the buffet in a 5 star hotel. Some associates from the U.S. were briefly in town. I suggested trying some local cuisine but they wanted to “play it safe” and eat at the hotel. We were sick as dogs for 18 hours.


Some good rules that I have used.

- Only eat at places that have other customers. If they have customers the food is more likely to be fresh. This applies to all types of food service places.

-Upscale is no protection. It just means they have more to loose if they cannot serve their inventory. I have had great meals from local cantinas that you might cross the street just to pass.

-Of course the standard practice of not drinking tap water. I have never had any problems with ice or ice drinks, brushing my teeth or other light uses of local water.

- Use common sense, without excessive paranoia.



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