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The Philippine Dive Safari is a consortium of Dive Shops, Resorts, Liveaboard and transportation services that are combined in a manner that provides a 2 week dive filled trip to 4 very different and fantastic dive locations in the Philippines.


The key value to the dive traveler is that EVERY DAY IS A DIVING DAY even when changing locations. Travel, including to remote locations, is planned so that there is still a minimum of 2 daily dives (and this only impacts 2 of the 12+ diving days).


The Philippine Dive Safari is a guided diving tour. There are 1-2 PDS guides with the group thru out the safari providing consistency of contact for the dive traveler and coordinating services and logistics for the group at and between all locations. The guides primary responsibility is to make sure your trip is great in every way.


While the guides are divers and logistics masters, at each location we take advantage of the expertise of the very best and most experienced Local Dive Operators to provide a rich and safe dive travel experience.

Mark has intensively traveled to and on multiple occasions lived in the Philippines over the past 10 years on a variety of electronics engineering and manufacturing programs. During this time he has taken every opportunity to dive all around the Philippines (see map of Mark’s dive excursions).


The Philippine Dive Safari is the result of his love of diving the Philippines, his extensive experience with supplier qualification & partnering and designing simple solutions to seemingly complex logistics situations thru out S.E. Asia.


“The full richness of diving the Philippines requires experiencing multiple locations. We have to make it easy.”


Mark is a Master Scuba Diver and Divemaster with a personal focus on underwater videography.

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About Mark

Not my best picture (or shirt), but the picture tells a story.

I am God Father of the the sons of two of the three men here.

And Videographer, in training.

We just finished eating lunch at Milky’s (center) mother’s house (background)  and are now going to dive a place no one has reputedly dove before, in search of some of Yamashita’s Gold.

I do not think the Japanese hid any Gold underwater. But diving an un-dived place is Cool!

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